Friday, June 21, 2013

Sound of Contact - Dimensionaut

Sound of Contact - Dimensionaut (2013) Inside Out Music
Produced by Sound of Contact
Tracks : 1.Sound of contact 2.Cosmic distance ladder 3.Pale blue dot 4.I am dimensionaut 5.Not coming down 6.Remote view 7.Beyond illumination 8.Only breathing out 9.Realm of in-organic beings 10.Closer to you 11.Omega point 12.Mobius slip
4 out of 5

May I present to you one of the best progrock albums of 2013, the new band Sound of Contact and their debut album "Dimensionaut". Performed by Simon Collins - Vocals/Drums (son of Phil Collins), Dave Kerzner - Keyboards (Kevin Gilbert´s Giraffe) and Matt Dorsey - Bass/Guitars. I already knew the quality Simon Collins sits on from his awesome solo album "U-Catastrophe" (2009), his father must be proud. And if you played in Kevin Gilbert´s Giraffe like Dave Kerzner did, you´re no amateur so together with stringer man Matt Dorsey they have created a fantastic progrock album that bring thoughts to old school prog bands like Genesis and Yes but also Peter Gabriel solo and modern prog such as Frost and Porcupine Tree. I am truly amazed over these songs, Simon´s vocal performance is reminiscent of Gabriel and I love how the band takes the listener on a musical landscape where you just have to close your eyes and dream away. Listen to "Realm of in-organic beings" and you´ll understand what I mean. Other highlights : "Pale blue dot", "Not coming down" and the 19 minute long "Mobius slip". We have a lift off.............

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