Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sister Sin - Dance of the wicked

Sister Sin - Dance of the wicked (2013) Victory Records
Produced by Jan Jan / Sister Sin
Tracks : 1.Kiss the sky 2.Dance of the wicked 3.Fall into my dreams 4.End of the beginning 5.Love lies 6.Dirty damn I 7.Paint it black 8.Tragedy loves company 9.Minor you (major me) 10.Writings on the wall 11.Head over heels 12.Rocknroll feat.Doro Pesch
2 out of 5

The first album from Swedish heavy metal band Sister Sin is being re-released with 4 bonus tracks on Victory Records, "Dance of the wicked" was originally released in 2003 and is hard to get so fans can look forward to this re-reissue with new artwork and 1 DVD with ten music videos. You can tell they have grown a lot as a band since this ten year old album if you compare it to their previous albums "True sound of the underground" (2010) and "Now and forever" (2012). They have developed as songwriters on their latest albums because some of these songs on "Dance of the wicked" can be filed under amateurish garage metal such as "Love lies" and "Tragedy loves company". The title track is good though, plus of course the bonus tracks "Minor you", "Writings on the wall" and "Head over heels" that all are really nice. The best track is the Motorhead cover "Rocknroll" that was released as a single in 2011, it should always be included in their live set.

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