Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pat Travers Band - Can Do

Pat Travers Band - Can Do (2013) Frontiers Records
Produced by Pat Travers
Tracks : 1.Can do 2.Stand up 3.Diamond girl 4.I´m with you 5.Long time gone 6.Wanted 7.Armed and dangerous 8.Here comes the rain 9.Keep calm and carry on 10.Dust and bones 11.Waiting on the end of time 12.Red neck boogie
2,5 out of 5

You can look at Pat Travers first rocknroll album in ages at two sides, the bright side and the less bright side. First I think it´s really awesome that Pat Travers has recorded his first rock album since the heyday between 1976-1982 with classic albums like Makin´ magic, Heat in the street and Crash and Burn. Just like Gary Moore and Bobby Messano (Starz), he moved on to blues from the 90´s and forward.
But he only made it halfway back on the new album because he couldn´t let the blues rest all the way through these new songs, and his voice has changed too and not for the better. He sounds like Wolfman Jack when he sings but the guitarplaying is brilliant, there are some really great songs with the classic Pat Travers Band sound on "Can do" like "Long time gone", the title track "Can do" and the melodic "Wanted". We also get a nice cover of Eurythmics hit "Here comes the rain" plus the instrumental "Keep calm and carry on" is quite good too. But I´m no fan of the boogie rock of "Dust and bones" and "Red neck boogie", the bluesy "Waiting on the end of time" is taken from his "Dogs and guitars" EP from 2012 and it could´ve stayed there.
"Can do" is uneven with a few shiny moments.
Also for fans of Kim Mitchell, Santers, April Wine.

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