Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Look Alive - Mistakes and milestones

Look Alive - Mistakes and milestones (2013) Autumn and Colour Records
Produced by Jason Andrews
Tracks : 1.Transitions 2.Anchored 3.Sink or swim 4.The way I see it 5.Farewell 6.Inquisition 7.Over under
2 out of 5

Atlanta based Look Alive´s debut "Mistakes and milestones" EP never really lift off, the songs are short and quite fast where some do start promising but before you know it - the song has ended. Opening track "Transitions" is only 50 seconds long and I really wanted to hear the rest of the song, hrm.
Look Alive´s got a more skate punk-esque sound somewhere between Millencolin and Sum 41, you can´t argue about their energy because they´ve got enough to light up a minor city but the songs are rather forgettable except for "Inquisition" that is yummy good. Perhaps next album will be better.

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