Wednesday, June 5, 2013

KLOGR - Till you turn

KLOGR - Till you turn (2012) Valery Records
Produced by Olly Riva / Dysfunction / Rusty
Tracks : 1.King of unknown 2.Vultures feast 3.Voice of cowardice 4.Guinea pigs 5.Silk and thorns (live) 6.Bleeding (live) 7.Green star (live)
3 out of 5

When I reviewed Italian band KLOGR´s debut "Till you decay" on, I gave it 3 stars and compared them to a mix between Sinisstar, Guns N Roses and Janes Addiction. We´re talking classic hard rock with traces of industrial metal here and their latest "Till you turn" EP continues where the debut left off, the sound is similar to the first album but I think these 4 new songs are a bit stronger though. However, the 3 live versions from their "Ground zero" DVD that closes the EP doesn´t really make me happy. But let´s focus on the positive side of this EP and that´s "King of unknown" and "Vultures feast", both produced by Olly Riva (The Fire) with the help of Italian rock band Timecut and featuring Maki of Lacuna Coil on bass on one track. Confusing? Well, there´s more......track 3 and 4 "Voice of cowardice" and "Guinea pigs" are produced by Dysfunction and mixed by Logan Mader (Machine head) but with the original KLOGR band playing. Now you´ve got it all clear eh?! A solid EP worth checking out where "Voice of cowardice" truly rocks big time.

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