Monday, June 24, 2013

James Christian - Lay it all on me

James Christian - Lay it all on me (2013) Frontiers Records
Produced by James Christian
Tracks : 1.Lay it all on me 2.Sacred heart 3.Day in the sun 4.Believe in me 5.You´re so bad 6.Don´t come near me 7.Let it shine 8.She´s all the rage 9.Sincerely yours 10.Shot in the dark 11.Welcome to your future
3 out of 5

Every 9th year, James Christian releases a solo album, the first one "Rude Awakening" - which is loved by many AOR fans, came out in 1995. It was followed by the mediocre "Meet the man" in 2004 and this year, he deliver his 3rd solo album "Lay it all on me" that sounds more like his first album mixed with some House of Lords flavor. So does that mean, James Christian will release his next solo album in 2022? Oh my god, let´s hope not. Anyway, the new album is really good where the songs will please many fans of AOR and his band House of Lords of course. I would give it more than 3 stars if it weren´t for the bad drum mix. Think the "Demon´s down" production on this album and I´m sure you will be blown away. Songs like the title track and the superb "She´s all the rage" are simply awesome, not to mention the strong closing track "Welcome to your future" that rocks big time. Expect a new solo album from his wife Robin Beck in August that JC has produced too, perhaps the drumsound will sound better on "Underneath" that is the album title?!

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