Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Into it Over it - Life is suffering

Into it Over it - Life is suffering (2013) Topshelf Records
Produced by Evan Weiss
Tracks : 1.Wearing white 2.Anchor
2 out of 5

Evan Weiss is the one behind Chicago based indie rock band Into it Over it, in 2007 he wrote, recorded and released a new song every week for an entire year. The project was called 52 weeks. In 2009, Evan wrote and recorded 12 songs about his experience in 12 different towns, the collection is called "12 towns". Since then, two more EP´s and 1 album has been released so we´re looking at a creative musician here. His most recent release is the 2 track single "Life is suffering" with two really short songs, "Anchor" gives me the feeling of the north sea and the cold waves hitting the coastline in late October. A decent song performed with just an electric guitar and Evan on vocals. I like the rocking "Wearing white" more but it´s only 1:43 long so it ends before I get into the right mood of this atmospheric sound, it should´ve been at least 3 minutes long. This ain´t bad but it could´ve been better.

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