Sunday, June 30, 2013

Crash Kings - Dark of the daylight

Crash Kings - Dark of the daylight (2013) Custard / Universal Motown Records
Produced by Nick Launay
Tracks : 1.Six foot tall 2.Hot fire 3.Dressed to the 9s 4.So many ways 5.All along 6.Lonely war 7.Inside upside down 8.White wolf 9.Hesitate 10.Shameless little monkeys 11.Wave of tomorrow
4 out of 5

Crash Kings self titled debut was one of the best albums of 2009, so you can guess I had high expectations on their follow up "Dark of the daylight". And the songs are really, really good but since the surprise factor from the first album is gone and now I know what to expect, I don´t get as many goosebumps on the new album compared to the smashing debut. However, Crash Kings continue to rock hard without guitars on "Dark of the daylight" which was funded through Kickstarter since their label stopped putting money into this project. Thanks to their fans, the band got $43,000 and are now able to release the album. There are several trio´s that has made great albums without a guitarist such as E.L.P, Keane and U.K so Crash Kings are in good company here. My favorite tracks are "Six foot tall", "Inside upside down" and "Shameless little monkeys" and the music can be described as Ben Folds meets Todd Rundgren´s Utopia with a touch of Josh Fix. Impressive work once again.

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