Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cable Car - Ride

Cable Car - Ride (2013) Independent
Produced by Mike Pappas
Tracks : 1.Two time love 2.Songs that groove 3.You´re killing me 4.It´s you 5.Wait for me
2,5 out of 5

There are a lot of summer vibes over the L.A trio Cable Car´s new "Ride" EP, the band has a really strong singer in Nathan Mott and two really great songs in the infectious "You´re killing me" and the feel-good pop of "It´s you". Too bad the other 3 tracks aren´t in the same league, the folkrock of "Wait for me" is a decent song and it gets my attention for sure but the first two songs "Two time love" and "Songs that groove" will appeal more to fans of Justin Timberlake. Cable Car´s sound can be described as The Script meets Jason Mraz with a touch of boyband Five. They´ve got potential though.

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