Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bree - All American Girl

Bree - All American Girl (2013) Werewolf Tunes
Produced by Justin Cortelyou
Tracks : 1.I´m the boss 2.You can´t take the heart out of me 3.Forbidden fruit 4.Whisky 5.Do you love me 6.All American Girl 7.I hope you´re smiling 8.Dance all nite 9.Nothing but trouble 10.Heart and soul 11.Not today
3,5 out of 5

She´s only 23 and is living in the capital of country music, Nashville. But she rocks in a way that would make Pete Townshend and Keith Richards proud, her name is Bree and on June 18th her debut album "All American Girl" comes out. We´re talking timeless rocknroll here that has no best before date, the music sounds alive and kicking which can only be done from real musicians playing. That´s exactly what you get from Bree and her band, with Bree on a Flying V guitar, Mayrk McNeely on up right bass and David J Castello on drums. Expect no autotune, no samples, well keep the DJ´s of Swedish House Mafia the hell away from Bree´s songs. She´s got the same attitude as Joan Jett, the same 3 chord song approach as The Ramones and the same electric vibes as Marc Bolan.
Highlights - Dance all nite, All American Girl, You can´t take the heart out of me

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