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A - Teen Dance Ordinance

A - Teen Dance Ordinance (2005) Warner Music
Produced by Terry Date
Tracks : 1.Rush song 2.Better off with him 3.The art of making sense 4.Someone else 5.Die tonight 6.Second coming 7.Wake up 8.Black hole 9.Hey 10.Worst thing that can happen 11.Afterburner 12.Wisdom
3 out of 5

Oh, how I have been waiting for the British band A´s new album to hit the stores, they started recording it in 2003 and released the single "Good time" the same year but then  nothing happened.....and the year after.....more nothingness. I dont know what the problem was of not releasing this album the first time we heard on their website that it was completed, but I guess the record label didn´t like what they heard so they kicked back the boys in the studio to write and record some more. The song "Good time" is not included on this album, instead we get 12 new adrenaline rockers in the same tradition as the previous record "Hi-Fi serious".
The first two singles taken from their new album are the opener "Rush song" and the second track "Better off with him" - the latter song is the better one with great hooks in the chorus. Soundwise they haven´t changed much from their 2002 hit selling album but the songs just don´t match killer tracks like "Nothing","Starbucks","Six o´clock" and "The distance" from "Hi-Fi serious". I was expecting a lot more from "Teen dance ordinance",still it´s a real good album and will blow away many releases this year.....such a shame though that many of these choruses weren´t as good as I hoped. I love Jason Perry´s voice and he´s a strong reason why you should get a copy of TDO but I don´t think they´re gonna get a big hit single from their new album!

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