Sunday, June 30, 2013

A - Good Time

A - Good Time (2003) Warner Music
Produced by Al Clay
Tracks : 1.Good time
3,5 out of 5

British pioneers of modern rock music, A! are back with their 15th single "Good time". The first one was released in 1997 and this one is not included on their previous album "Hi-Fi serious", many people have been waiting for this one to come out because last year´s success was the big breakthrough for this alternative rock band, I like singer Jason Perry´s voice a lot because he has a personal and original way of singing even if it reminds of Sting quite a lot. "Nothing" was a huge hit from the last album and "Starbucks" was a real upspeeded party kicker, I think "Good time" will have a hard time being the same chartclimber as their previous singles, it´s not a bad song...oh no, I like it this one a lot. Hearing it I believe it will be a great stage rocker but a hit?, I don´t think so, maybe I´m wrong on this one but the chorus doesn´t feel like anything you will hear on the radio!

(published at in 2003)

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