Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Burning Water - We can see the sky from here

A Burning Water - We can see the sky from here (2005) Natural Progression Records
Produced by Matt Radosevich
Tracks : 1.Introduction 2.Out in the dark 3.Misslers and markers 4.So much you hide 5.In failed attempts 6.This is a test 7.Retract 8.Instrumental 9.These ruins 10.A passing wish 11.Patience is me
2 out of 5

A quartet based in Santa Cruz, California. A Burning Water was formed in the winter of 2000 where their sound is a blend of indie, post-hardcore and rock. Their music contains intensity, melody, emotion, harmony and energy. "We can see the sky from here" is the band´s debut and a few tunes are really good like "So much you hide" and "A passing wish" while others are too non-melodic like an overdose of screamo punk. This 10 track album also contains 3 instrumental atmospheric pieces - "Introduction", "The instrumental" and "Echoes in the alcove" which all features some cool swirling guitarwork. Talk about up´s and down´s on each and every song, it should´ve been more up´s!

(published at in 2005)

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