Friday, December 28, 2012

Wired All Wrong - Break out the battle tapes

Wired All Wrong - Break out the battle tapes (2006) Nitrus Records
Produced by Wired All Wrong
Tracks : 1.15 minutes 2.Elevatin 3.Nothing at all 4.Medicate 5.Let me go 6.After all 7.Lost Angeles 8.You´re freaking me out girl 9.Make a fool 10.End of all things
4 out of 5

Wired All Wrong is an one album band featuring producer duo Jeff Turzo of God Lives Underwater and Matt Mahaffey of Self, they have produced bands like The Sounds, Hellogoodbye, Forever The Sickest Kids and The White Tie Affair. Their only released album "Break out the battle tapes" came out in 2006 and it´s a really great electronic rock album with traces of 80´s pop and even funk. Imagine Prince in the same studio with Orgy and Dan Reed stopping by to put some flavor to it. I don´t dig the hip/hop smelling "You´re freaking me out girl", but other than that song, this album is cooking. With some airplay, songs like "15 minutes" and "Elevatin" could´ve been big hits but it was dead on arrival which is a shame. Get yourself a copy as a late christmas present.

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