Friday, December 14, 2012

The Jupiter Tide - The Jupiter Tide

The Jupiter Tide - The Jupiter Tide (2012) Independent
Produced by Jamie King
Tracks : 1.This is us 2.Surface tension 3.Chaos theory 4.Figure A 5.Lydia 6.Regret nothing
3 out of 5

If you take big slice of numetal and blend it with 80´s metal, you´ll get the North Carolina 5 piece The Jupiter Tide´s debut album. There´s no doubt The Jupiter Tide is influenced by bands like Godsmack, 10 Years, Megadeth and Disturbed. This is mainly 21st century metal but I like the idea of mixing it up with classic heavy metal, we´re talking serious headbanging anyhow.
The EP opens with "This is us" which the best track here but also thumbs up for the real heavy "Figure A" where the riffs are awesome. The artwork is rather anonymous though, they could´ve gone for another album cover I think.

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