Friday, December 14, 2012

Stria - Stria

Stria - Stria (2012) Skies Fall Records
Produced by Ben Kasica
Tracks : 1.The real me 2.Rise from the ashes 3.Alive 4.Control 5.Say
3,5 out of 5

I must say that the artwork of Stria´s new self titled EP is very cool, I love their logo too. This Florida based rock band released their debut "Chimera" in 2009 which was more of a numetal affair. The band changed line up and headed into a new direction soundwise for the next release which ended up in these 5 tracks. They still deliver aggressive rock but flavored with electronica and radio ready choruses, the single "Rise from the ashes" is a smash! Stria worked with Skillet guitarist Ben Kasica so it´s not so strange that the production sounds luxurious, all 5 songs are really strong and you can sense the 30STM vibes in a song like "Alive". I think Stria would be perfect as a support act to let´s say Linkin Park.

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