Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Remedy Drive - Resuscitate

Remedy Drive - Resuscitate (2012) Centricity Records
Produced by Peter Kipley
Tracks : 1.Better than life 2.Lost cause 3.Resuscitate me 4.God I hope so 5.What are we waiting for 6.Dont forget 7.Make it bright 8.Crystal sea 9.Glory 10.Hold on
3 out of 5

The word resuscitate is new to me as a Swede, I checked it out and the translation is "cause to regain consiousness". It´s also the title of Christian contemporary rock band Remedy Drive´s new album, this time they´re on a new label with a new line up. Only keyboardist/singer David Zach is left from the original line up, their previous album "Daylight is coming" was released on Word Records in 2008 but now they´re signed to Centricity Records. This band has released several independent albums between 1998-2006, but I´m not familiar with those albums. "Resuscitate" is a safe record, I thought "Daylight is coming" was stronger. There are some good songs on the new album however, like the rocker "Make it bright" and the single "Better than life". The worship rock of "Glory" could be something from a Hillsong album, perfect in a church. The title track "Resuscitate me" sounds like a mix between Switchfoot and MuteMath, great groove.

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