Saturday, December 29, 2012

Radiant - We hope you win

Radiant - We hope you win (2006) Independent
Produced by Radiant
Tracks : 1.That girl 2.Kid with a knife 3.Magician 4.Oceans 5.Sound of splitting atoms 6.We hope you win 7.The way you make me feel 8.Mostar 9.Golden hour 10.She´s alright 11.Got you where I want you 12.If I had known 13.Everybody, are you with me?
2,5 out of 5

When I did a review of Dallas based Radiant´s debut "The sound of splitting atoms" EP from 2003 at, I gave it 3,5 stars and described them as Manic Street Preachers meets Kent. We still get a huge dose of melancholic rock on their last studio album "We hope you win" from 2006, but the Kent-like vibes are pretty much gone on this record. Radiant sound more Britrock than American radio rock, just take "Magician" that could´ve been an unreleased Oasis song. The 2 singles "That girl" and "The way you make me feel" are both very nice, I also dig "Kid with a knife" where I can hear the lovely instrument Mellotron. Yes, I´m excited because it was mostly used by 70´s progrock bands. The instrumental "Mostar" bring thoughts to Flickerstick with it´s atmospheric sound, but there are just too many slowtempo songs on this album and it puts me to sleep.

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