Saturday, December 29, 2012

Piggy D - The Evacuation Plan

Piggy D - The Evacuation Plan (2007) Black Victory Records
Produced by Matt Montgomery
Tracks : 1.Brave or faithless 2.Mr Anxiety 3.For my revenge 4.Roll call 5.Die young 6.Last man on Earth 7.Ladies night 8.The dare 9.Smoke and mirrors 10.3 chords 11.No one knows you´re alive 12.Chemistry
3,5 out of 5

Piggy D ain´t exactly the best artist name around, Matt Montgomery could´ve chosen another band name for his first solo album "The Evacuation Plan". Who is Matt Montgomery? Well, he´s the guitarist for Wednesday 13 and bassplayer with Rob Zombie, Matt has also co-written and produced songs for Alice Cooper. In 2012, he also released the singles/remixes collection "Repeat offender" containing 5 new songs. I must say that I expected a more heavy 90´s metal sound on this album, perhaps even industrial-like but what we get is melodic hardrock in the late 80´s/early 90´s style. Similar to albums like Danger Danger-Four the hard way, Night Ranger-Feeding off the Mojo and Winger-1. This is a great album where the highlights are "Ladies night", "Roll call" and "Smoke and mirrors". Way to go Matt!

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