Thursday, December 6, 2012

Outline In Color - Jury of wolves

Outline In Color - Jury of wolves (2012) Independent
Produced by See Jay Cochran
Tracks : 1.The kindling 2.Follow me to sleep 3.A jury of wolves 4.Hope in the wrong hands 5.The chase scene 6.Charlie machine 7.Karma made me an arsonist 8.The good in me 9.A fracture, A fallout 10.I´ve had this dream before 11.I ain´t afraid of no ghost
3 out of 5

It´s becoming quite trendy to blend hardcore and R&B, not long ago I reviewed the band Issues that did this successfully and now also Oklahoma based Outline In Color. Their debut album "Jury of wolves" will appeal to fans of post hardcore that doesn´t mind traces of pop and R&B, OIC is fronted by 2 singers where one is in charge of clean vocals and the other is the screamo guy. I´ve heard the melodic "The good in me" before and it´s also one of the highlights along with the new single "The chase scene", it´s really cool that they wrote a song with the title "I ain´t afraid of no ghost" inspired by the 80´s Ghostbusters movie. This album is hardly groundbreaking and the songs tend to soundalike halfway through the album, but the band deliver a few strong tracks like "Follow me to sleep" and the ones mentioned above. Not included on this 11 track album is their nice cover of NSYNC´s "It´s gonna be me", it´s worth checking out because it´s a smash.

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