Friday, December 14, 2012

Moments Apart - Collision

Moments Apart - Collision (2012) Independent
Produced by Moments Apart
Tracks : 1.Selfish control 2.Medicated collision 3.Let you drown 4.For you 5.Reveal 6.Escape
3 out of 5

Moments Apart is a 4 piece rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Heavily influenced by modern rock a la Daughtry and Evanescence but also with a hardrocking attitude, their debut "Collision" EP is well performed with 6 solid songs where "For you" stand out as a nice duet featuring Nelli Scarlet. The band is currently working on their debut full length to be out in 2013. Moments Apart focus on melodies and crunchy guitars which is a much welcome formula if you ask me, now they only need that killer track that will put them high on the charts.

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