Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jorn - Symphonic

Jorn - Symphonic (2013) Frontiers Records
Produced by Jorn Lande / Lasse Jensen
Tracks : 1.I came to rock 2.Rocknroll children 3.The world I see 4.Burn your flame 5.Man of the dark road 7.Time to be king 8.Black morning 9.Like stone in water 10.Vision eyes 11.War of the world 12.Behind the clown 13.A thousand cuts 14.Mob rules
4 out of 5

Although this ain´t no album with new songs from Jorn Lande, "Symphonic" pretty much feels and sounds like a new album mostly because of the orchestral arrangements of all the songs. Don´t expect a Best of album because Jorn has chosen the most personal songs and has given them a total facelift, I mean I wasn´t much of a fan of his latest studio album "Bring heavy rock to the land" but the 6 tracks taken from that record sound so much better here. "Black morning" and "The world I see" sounds like brand new Jorn songs and how cool is it that Jorn once again, gives the fans another Dio cover of "Rocknroll children". Great version! Other masterful versions are "I came to rock" and "Burn your flame", not to mention the powerful cover of Black Sabbath´s "Mob rules". Respect! Is there a greater rock singer in Scandinavia these days than Jorn? I doubt it!

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