Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Evermore - Follow the sun

Evermore - Follow the sun (2012) Independent
Produced by Jon Hume
Tracks : 1.Shines on everyone 2.Follow the sun 3.A world without you 4.Hero 5.Run away 6.Hey my love 7.Pieces 8.That´s the way 9.Sometimes it´s easy 10.We will meet again 11.We´ll fly 
Bonus EP : 1.Beautiful 2.Drawn into the flame 3.Honey please believe 4.More than anyone 5.Night is over
3 out of 5

I have followed this band from their first album "Dreams" (2004) and the following 3 albums where the 2009 album "Truth of the world" was a masterpiece. The Hume brothers of Evermore became more artsy for each release and I loved it, we still get quality pop from this trio on their new album "Follow the sun" but this time they sound a bit too much like Coldplay for their own good. There has always been similarities with Keane and Coldplay on their previous albums but just a small bit of their atmospheric Aussie pop sound. The title track is very good and a few tracks on the bonus EP caught my attention as well but there are too many tracks that doesn´t move me the way I hoped. This is their weakest album to date but that doesn´t say it´s a bad album, the other albums from Evermore are way more classy.

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