Saturday, December 15, 2012

Broken Door - Time for changes

Broken Door - Time for changes (2012) Warner Music
Produced by Broken Door
Tracks : 1.Final destination 2.In the shadow 3.Angel 4.Hey you 5.Beauty comes from within 6.Time for changes 7.Somebody to love 8.I miss u 9.Towards the light 10.Unless we defeat 11.Lover of life
2 out of 5

The ballad "Angel" was a huge hit in Sweden in 2010, the duo Broken Door had landed and wasn´t gonna leave. The following singles "Hey you" and "In the shadow" didn´t manage to score the same success but that didn´t stop the band from writing more songs and finally releasing the debut album "Time for changes". This duo featuring Tobias Östlund and Pier Schmid (DaBuzz), doesn´t take any chances and has recorded an album with comfy pop/rock songs, the title track is really good and I also dig the opener "Final destination" but the album feels too safe and very predictable. It´s like you´ve heard the choruses before, this is so mainstream that even mainstream music sound daring. Yes, I can hear the guitar in there somewhere in the mix but it should´ve been a helluva lot louder.

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