Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bob Pressner - King of nothing

Bob Pressner - King of nothing (2012) Platunum Pit Records
Produced by David Grow / Jim McGorman
Tracks : 1.King of nothing 2.Next summer never came 3.iGirl 4.The blue has left your eyes 5.Too old to die young 6.Washed away 7.Looking back 8.Renaissance man 9.Water water 10.I´m not that guy 11.Thinking man 12.Honor among thieves 13.Here at the western wall
4 out of 5

When I did a review of Bob Pressner´s previous album "Honor among thieves" (2010) at, I wrote that it was his debut album but that´s totally wrong. Bob Pressner has released 5 albums now including the new one "King of nothing". I compared him to Neil Young meets Dan Lucas on the latest album and it was a good one too, however the new record is stronger. The songs have depth, passionate vocals and beautiful arrangements. The listener gets a variety of rootsrock, midwest ballads and working class melodic rock, his voice is reminiscent of Gowan and Ray Wilson but with the sound of The Jayhawks and Shawn Mullins. I love songs like "Here at the western wall", "iGirl" and "Too old to die young".
This is the kinda album that grows on you, "Next summer never came" is another great song that is handmade for radio. Not to mention, the Peter Gabriel-esque "I´m not that guy", just lovely.

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