Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Y&T - Live at the Mystic

Y&T - Live at the Mystic (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Y&T
Tracks : 1.Prelude 2.On with the show 3.Black tiger 4.Dirty girl 5.Mean streak 6.Girl crazy 7.Shine on 8.Blind patriot 9.Winds of change 10.Straight thru the heart 11.Gonna go blind 12.Surrender 13.I´m coming home 14.Hungry for rock 15.Don´t wanna lose 16.Don´t bring me down 17.Hurricane 18.I believe in you 19.Eyes of a stranger 20.Rescue me 21.Squeeze 22.Forever
3 out of 5

"Live at the Mystic" is the 5th live album from Y&T, it was recorded in 2011 at the Mystic in Petaluma, California on the 30th anniversary tour of the 1981 album "Earthshaker". Bassist Phil Kennemore passed away in cancer in 2011 and is replaced by Brad Lang, the rest of the line up is original guitarist/singer Dave Meniketti, guitarist John Nymann who´s been with the band since 2001 and drummer Mike Vanderhule who joined Y&T in 2006. The setlist is made up of songs from the latest studio album "Facemelter" and the classic "Earthshaker" along with a few selected tracks from albums like "Mean streak", "Black tiger", "Contagious" and "Ten". I´m not a big fan of their latest studio album but the song "Shine on" do feels like a classic Y&T song, Dave Meniketti is a solid singer and sounds just as vital as he did 30 years ago. The best tracks are "Straight thru heart", "Black tiger", "Eyes of a stranger" and "Forever" of course, that song is one of their best songs ever. You can always count on Y&T, this double CD will do just fine in your collection.

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