Friday, November 16, 2012

Vera Mesmer - Orphans

Vera Mesmer - Orphans (2012) Heart Chord Records
Produced by Christopher Mesmer / Sean Beavan
Tracks : 1.It takes one to know one 2.Back from the dead 3.Over and out 4.The starlet 5.Logical song
3,5 out of 5

Hollywood based Vera Mesmer is made up of the married couple Christopher Mesmer - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards (Reveille) and Nadia Mesmer - Bass (Coal Chamber). Their debut "Orphans" EP is a very classy modern rock affair where my thoughts go to Kill Hannah and Lostprophets, we´re talking quality here where the first single "Back from the dead" stand out but I also love the beautiful "The starlet". It comes as a surprise that VM has picked the Supertramp classic "The logical song" to cover, and they do it good too. The only complaint I have is that this should´ve been a full length album instead, 5 tracks passes by too fast and I want to hear more.

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