Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vega - What the hell

Vega - What the hell (2013) Ninetone Records
Produced by Vega
Tracks : 1.Carnival of lost souls 2.White knuckle ride 3.What the hell 4.Not there for you 5.Cry 6.Raise ya game 7.Fade into flames 8.You can´t run 9.Bless my soul 10.She walks alone 11.Turn it on 12.Saviour 13.It´s gonna be alright 14.Hand in the air
3,5 out of 5

The British AOR band Vega featuring Nick Workman - Lead Vocals, Tom Martin - Guitars, James Martin - Keyboards and Daniel Chantrey - Drums, are back with their 2nd album "What the hell" in January 2013. This is the follow up to the critically acclaimed debut "Kiss of life" from 2010, Vega takes the safe route and continues where the debut left off with traditional 80´s AOR where each song could be released as a single. This time they´re also signed to their new label Ninetone Records that has focused on modern rock and metal till now, the first taste of this album is the single "White knuckle ride" which is a really great AOR smash. If you´ve heard that song, you know what to expect from the rest of the album. There are no surprises along the way but a bunch of quality AOR that could´ve been featured in the Rock of Ages musical. The title track "What the hell" is a personal fave but I also dig "You can´t run" a lot, the Def Leppard vibes are all over this album. Nothing new under the sun but what the´s damn good.


Maverick Mustaine said...

the song construction is all the same thing. The chord progression on everysong is all the same! Verse and chorus! same three chords the entire album. A bit disappointed here.

Maverick Mustaine said...

Nice review. I am huge Vega fan, AOR fan, but this time, I'm disappointed. All the songs are built the same. verse and chorus are all the same! Same three chord progression on everysong! more, thanks