Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Urban Cone - Our Youth

Urban Cone - Our Youth (2012) Universal Music
Produced by Urban Cone
Tracks : 1.Kings and queens 2.Urban photograph 3.Searching for silence 4.Burned 5.Kids and love 6.The prom 7.Freak 8.We should go to France 9.Winter´s calling 10.Our youth
4 out of 5

The debut "Our youth" from Swedish indie pop band Urban Cone is very charming and quite irresistable, the songs are infectious and their sound has that feel-good factor all over. Think of them as a mix of Keane, Owl City, The Killers and Salem Al Fakir. A lot of Salem Al Fakir too. They´re right on spot with the electro pop flavored indie songs "Kings and queens", "Urban photograph" and "We should go to France". This is a perfect soundtrack for the next summer, but why wait? Listen to it during the winter as well.

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