Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Skrog - The Global Elite

Skrog - The Global Elite (2012) Independent
Produced by Jay Reiter
Tracks : 1.The revelation 2.MK - Ultra 3.Military industrial complex 4.Submit 5.End of the world as you know it 6.Dark metamorphosis 7.The hunter 8.The hunted
2,5 out of 5

Skrog? What kind of bandname is that? Anyway, Skrog is led by Jay Reiter who writes about anything from the rise of the undead to nuclear war and the lives of the elite. Jay finds inspiration from the music of Frontline Assembly, Slayer and Ministry. The new album "The global elite" can be described as mish mash of styles from thrash to industry and techno to death metal, Skrog´s sound is very aggressive and quite insane but at the same time also capturing. Other critics have compared Skrog to Strapping Young Lad and White Zombie which aint entirely wrong either, not all tracks are good but do enjoy "Submit" and the two part song of "The hunter" and "The hunted". One thing for sure, this isn´t your average industrial metal album.

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