Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Royal Hunt - 20th Anniversary

Royal Hunt - 20th Anniversary (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Royal Hunt
Tracks : CD1 1.Flight 2.Kingdom dark 3.Stranded 4.Clown in the mirror 5.Wasted time 6.Epilogue 7.Time 8.Far away 9.1348 10.River of pain 11.Tearing down the world 12.Message to god
CD 2 1.Cold city lights 2.Follow me 3.Surrender 4.The mission 5.Can´t let go 6.Paper blood 7.Season´s change 8.The first of rock 9.Tears of the sun 10.The well 11.Shadowman 12.Hard rain is coming 13.Half past loneliness
CD 3 1.Save me 2.One by one 3.Bodyguard 4.Restless 5.Bad luck 6.Double conversion 7.U-turn 8.Sixth sense 9.Day is dawning
4 out of 5

It´s 20 years ago, Royal Hunt released their debut album "Land of broken hearts" and to celebrate this the Italian label Frontiers Records release the best of compilation 20th Anniversary 3 CD/DVD set in December. This is not the first best of to be released this year, Scarlet Records released "Heart of the city" earlier this spring but it was just one CD with songs only from the first 5 albums. This triple album contains songs from all their 11 studio albums plus one CD with some nice goodies. We get the brand new song "Save me", and unplugged versions of 3 old tracks "Bodyguard", "Restless" and "One by one" plus bonus tracks like "Bad luck" (Royal Hunt EP 1993), the instrumental "Double conversion" (Far away EP 1995), "U-turn" (Intervention EP 2000), "Sixth sense" (X bonus track 2010) and "Day is dawning" (Eyewitness bonus track 2003).
CD 1 rule with the major part of songs taken from the early era with DC Cooper on lead vocals, CD 2 has it´s moments with songs taken from the albums with John West and Mark Boals on lead vocals. Except the two last tracks "Hard rain is coming" and "Half past loneliness" that both are taken from the reunion album "Show me how to live" (2011), DC Cooper shows he´s the boss here. A few songs on CD 2 are recorded live in St.Peterburg, they sound just as good live.

CD 3 is the most interesting one, "Bad luck" sounds like a leftover though. The unplugged versions are way better, but the real highlight is the brand new song "Save me" where Royal Hunt shows they´re one of Denmark´s premier hard rock bands.

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