Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rhyme - The seed and the sewage

Rhyme - The seed and the sewage (2012) Bakerteam Records
Produced by Rhyme
Tracks : 1.Manimal 2.The hangman 3.Blind dog 4.Slayer to the system 5.Fairytopia 6.Party right 7.Brand new Jesus 8.World underground 9.Nevermore 10.Victim of downturn 11.Wrong
4 out of 5

Rhyme is a hard rock band from Milan, Italy that is heavily influenced by 90´s metal, grunge and melodic rock. There are lots of traces of 80´s sleaze rock in their sound a la Tesla but performed with the suit of grunge in the same vein as Alice in Chains and the melodic metal of Soulbender. "The seed and the sewage" is the follow up to their debut album "Fi(r)st", but the new album is the first one I get to hear from this promising band. They rock, indeed, they rock. The track "Blind dog" could´ve been featured on Kings X´s "Dogman", brilliant tune. The opener "Manimal" is another highlight with some hard hitting riffs, just turn it up.
There are moments when Rhyme bring thoughts to Jason Bieler´s bands Saigon Kick and Super Transatlantic, well I´m glad I listened to this album because there aren´t any fillers on it.

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