Sunday, November 18, 2012

Killbot - Sound Surgery

Killbot - Sound Surgery (2012) Dim Mak Records
Produced by Killbot
Tracks : 1.Sound surgery 2.Feel alive 3.Wrecked 4.I´ll fuck it
3,5 out of 5

Killbot is a new side project from Jonathan Davis (KoRn), Tyler Blue and Nick Suddarth (aka Sluggo). I remember Matthew Bellamy of Muse saying dubstep is the new metal and I bet Jonathan Davis is heading the same way since KoRn worked with Skrillex on their latest album "The path of totality" (2011). Still, it was pretty much a numetal album so with Killbot, Jonathan Davis went all the way with heavy dance beats and a huge dose of metallic electronic sounds. This is an exciting trio so let´s hope it doesn´t end with their debut "Sound Surgery" EP because I can see myself listening to a full length album of these Transformers-like sound effects. "Wrecked" is really heavy even though there are no guitars in sight.

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