Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gabriel The Marine - Stars collecting

Gabriel The Marine - Stars Collecting (2012) Sun Pedal Recordings
Produced by Jim Wirt
Tracks : 1.Stars collecting 2.In tension 3.Honest 4.Like a child
4 out of 5

The constant search for unique bands is rewarded sometimes, especially when a beautiful piece of work like Gabriel The Marine´s new EP "Stars collecting" shows up in the e-mail inbox. This band was formed in Long Island, New York in 2008 and I bet they´ve got bigger problems right now than to worry about incoming reviews regarding this EP, hurricane Sandy hit the coastline hard last weekend so I´m gonna give the guys a moment to smile. I love this band, I welcome the violin melodies with the biggest warm embrace possible because it suits their sound just perfect. We´re talking atmospheric, slightly progressive and pop flavored indie rock here. The songs are well crafted and quirky, 4 songs aren´t enough either because I want to hear more NOW!

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