Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Asia - Resonance, Live in Basel

Asia - Resonance, Live in Basel Switzerland (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Asia
Tracks : 1.I believe 2.Only time will tell 3.Holy war 4.Never again 5.Through my veins 6.Don´t cry 7.All´s a chord 8.The valley of rocks 9.The smile has left your eyes 10.Open your eyes 11.Finger on the trigger 12.Time again 13.An extraordinary life 14.End of the world 15.The heat goes on 16.Sole survivor 17.Go 18.Heat of the moment
3 out of 5

If you´re a collector of Asia live albums, you´re always busy because this band has released 20 live albums which seems rather ridiculous. I mean, do we really need 20 different live versions of Heat of the moment? The 2007 live album "Fantasia, live in Tokyo" was a bit fun because it was the first live album in a long time with the original line up, however they did sound a bit unrehearsed but they truly had fun playing the old classics so I don´t mind. The 2009 live album "Spirit of the night" was mediocre though, the band sounded like another day at work, really uninspiring and the production sucked. The new live album "Resonance, Live in Basel, Switzerland" is better, the setlist features songs from the previous 2 studio albums "Phoenix" and "Omega" along with classics from the first 3 albums. The surprise is "Go" from "Astra" mostly because Steve Howe didn´t play guitar on that album, it was Mandy Meyer (Krokus). I also like the soft version of "Don´t cry", a whole new way of performing that upbeat pop hit. Steve Howe pull off 2 acoustic pieces in "All´s a chord" and "The valley of rocks", he´s amazing when it comes to acoustic guitar. Carl Palmer´s drumsolo on "The heat goes on" is tiresome, but I guess the audience needs time to get refreshments. Thumbs up for a good production and I never get tired of hearing "Only time will tell", what a lovely song.

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