Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Trademark - This Island Earth

The Trademark - This Island Earth (2007) Independent
Produced by The Trademark
Tracks : 1.Taste of sin 2.Qualified for living amongst the dead 3.This isn´t a social call 4.The arson 5.Conscience exit stage left 6.Letter of resignation 7.Regret is constant 8.I will try and refrain from thinking out loud 9.The broken 10.I´m taking on hell
2,5 out of 5

What´s this? You might wonder, with me only writing about old albums from 2007. Well, don´t worry because I only have 10 albums left to review from my pile of unheard CD´s. Then back to reviewing new music again which is just as fun. Utah based The Trademark blend emo, rock and pop punk on their one and only released album "This island earth", too bad the production is a bit lowbudget because their songs aren´t bad at all. They sound like a mix between Key To Arson, Saosin and Social Code, I have no info at all about the bandmembers and couldn´t find any useable websites either.

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