Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Hot Puppies - Blue hands

The Hot Puppies - Blue hands (2008) Thp Music
Produced by The Hot Puppies
Tracks : 1.King of England 2.Clarinet town 3.Somewhere 4.Where the werewolves meet 5.Orphans of the storm 6.How to choose a wife 7.Secret burial 8.The word on the street 9.Dear Brutus 10.Blue hands
3 out of 5

The Hot Puppies were a new wave/artpop band from Wales, they released 3 albums between 2006-2008 where "Blue hands" is their last one. The band is fronted by Becky Wood and her husband Bert Wood is playing drums, they are now playing together in a band called Barefoot Dance of The Sea. The Hot Puppies were influenced by bands like Blondie, Pretenders, P.J Harvey and Kate Bush. I think this is a charming album where one of my favorite tracks is "Orphan of the storm" that sounds like Peter Gabriel singing with Pink Floyd. The opener "King of England" has Kate Bush written all over it, irresistable indeed. The 2nd half of the album is a bit weaker though, but it was a nice discovery.

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