Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Hot Lies - Ringing in the sane

The Hot Lies - Ringing in the sane (2007) Liberation Music
Produced by Phil McKellar
Tracks : 1.Emergency! Emergency! 2.Burn for me 3.Can´t stand the heat 4.Tokyo 5.Sharks swim everywhere 6.Poison arrow 7.For the restless 8.Running low 9.Diamond eyes 10.In a shadow 11.Down and out 12.Under your skin
3,5 out of 5

Another great Aussie rock band, here´s The Hot Lies and their only full length album "Ringing in the sane" from 2007. The band has also released 2 EP´s but parted ways in 2010, guitarist Luke Szabo is now playing in the new band Grass Taylor. Soundwise, The Hot Lies comes from the same neighborhood as Foo Fighters. Energetic rock with edge and melody so to speak, they kick ass in songs like "Emergency! Emergency!", "Burn for me" and "Tokyo". The definition old but fresh, most certainly fit this album like hand in glove. For fans of Grinspoon, Shihad and Birds of Tokyo.
You can always count on bands from down under.

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