Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ted Leonard - Way home

Ted Leonard - Way home (2007) Independent
Produced by Ted Leonard
Tracks : 1.Way home 2.Submerged 3.Once a week 4.Thank you 5.Hold the wind 6.Just for me 7.Who do you say he is 8.Not me 9.Broken tools 10.See no evil 11.Take this cup 12.Resolve 13.The name of god 14.Ghost pains
2,5 out of 5

Progressive rock singer Ted Leonard is most known for his work with Enchant where the latest album "Tug of war" came out in 2003 but to many fans joy, Enchant signed with Inside Out Music this year and are currently recording a new studio album. Ted Leonard is also a member of Spocks Beard and performed on their 2011 Live X Tour Album, other bands Ted has been involved in are Thought Chamber (2007) and Affector (2012). Since he is christian, Ted wanted to record a solo album with christian lyrics and the result is "Way home" from 2007. This is completely different soundwise compared to Enchant, we´re talking groovy rock here with a jam feel to it like a mix of Phish, Eric Gales Band and Dan Reed. Many tracks are acoustic driven but always performed with Leonard´s amazing voice. However, there are just too many average rock songs on this album and too few standout tracks. I would like to point out "Submerged" and "Broken tools" as two really good songs though. Leonard´s friend Nick D´Virgilio from Spocks Beard is guesting on drums.

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