Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wake Up Lucid - Feel it

Wake Up Lucid - Feel it (2012) Independent
Produced by Joe Cardamone
Tracks : 1.Feel it 2.Arms 3.Rising tide 4.When I come around 5.Fame 6.Drunk on information 7.Facepaint 8.Just can´t ignore 9.Death valley 10.Where are we now 11.Black hair woman
2 out of 5

The Los Angeles based trio Wake Up Lucid has created a suitable 70´s retro sound on their new album "Feel it" that drops on Aug 7th, they deliver bluesy garage rock with traces of Black Keys, White Stripes and The Strokes. The album is a bit uneven but I like tracks such as "Facepaint", "Just can´t ignore" and the riff rocker "Black hair woman". If Jimi Hendrix was alive today, I bet he would have Wake Up Lucid as one of his favorite bands. They aren´t that bad really, I really like their live-like production and energy but some songs just don´t move me.

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