Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Track Fighter - Revenge

Track Fighter - Revenge (2012) Independent Label Group
Produced by Malcolm Springer
Tracks : 1.Revenge 2.Holding you up 3.What if 4.Change the world 5.L.A
4 out of 5

The riff musketeers of Track Fighters goes from strength to strength with every release, they worked with Tomas Costanza (Diffuser) on the promising debut "Between lies melodies" (2007) and Beau Hill (Ratt, Winger) produced their impressive follow up "Band aids for bullet wounds" (2009). And for the 3rd "Revenge" EP, they hooked up with Malcolm Springer (Fear Factory, Sinch, Greenwheel) and it´s their heaviest and greatest album so far. The riffs totally glow on these new songs and I love the cool vocals on tracks like "Revenge" and "Holding you up", the new single "L.A" can be described as a clash of the 80´s and modern rock. Like a mix between Sixx A.M and Breaking Benjamin.
Highly recommendable for fans of Alter Bridge and Sevendust.


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Kaj Roth said...

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