Friday, July 20, 2012

The Reasoning - Awakening

The Reasoning - Awakening (2007) Comet Music
Produced by The Reasoning
Tracks : 1.Awakening 2.Chasing rainbows 3.Playing the game 4.Aching hunger 5.Sacred shape 6.Fallen angel 7.Shadows of the mind 8.Within cold glass
3,5 out of 5

Imagine if there was such a thing as a music blender where you could create your own favorite albums, for example, you put in Pink Floyd, Anathema and Enchant and out comes The Reasoning. That´s exactly how the British progrock band The Reasoning sounds like. Their debut album "Awakening" from 2007 is a really great old school progrock affair and I have no good answer of why I haven´t listened to this great band earlier. The song "Within cold glass" has a special guest as Steve Rothery of Marillion, but it´s not the best track here. I love the songs "Aching hunger" and "Awakening" more, we´re talking songbased progrock here with less technical parts. Nice.
The band was formed by Matthew Cohen (ex.Magenta) and they have released 2 more albums in "Dark angel" in 2008 and "Adverse camber" in 2010, but there is a 4th album "Adventures in neverland" coming out in September 2012. So beware.

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