Saturday, July 21, 2012

Seremedy - Welcome to our madness

Seremedy - Welcome to our madness (2012) Ninetone Records
Produced by Patrik Frisk
Tracks : 1.Welcome to our madness 2.No escape 3.Siren 4.World domination 5.Always by your side 6.Ricochet 7.Torygan 8.Shivering 9.Yellow flash 10.Bulletproof roulette 11.Closure
3 out of 5

Ninetone Records is slowly becoming one of the leading rock/metal labels in Sweden with bands like Corroded, The Durango Riot, Lillasyster, Entombed, Sherlock Brothers and now also Seremedy. This band has signed with Universal Music in Japan where their 16 year old guitarist Yohio is getting the same attention as Yngwie Malmsteen. Respect!
Seremedy combine dark and aggressive metal with bright and melodic rock, there are traces of classic heavy metal as well as industrial rock in their debut album "Welcome to our madness". But mainly, it´s a pop metal album with radio ready songs like the first single "No escape", "Siren" and "Always by your side". Especially the track "Always by your side" sounds like The Rasmus meets Tokio Hotel, I won´t be surprised if the kids will hum on this chorus during this fall.
It´s a good album and I have no doubt they will be playing Festivals next year, my favorite track is "Yellow flash" that bring thoughts to Orgy. Cool!


Kira Kasumi said...

"No Escape" is definitely an ear catcher with a rockin' PV. I've been wanting to pick this album up, and from what you're saying, it sounds appealing with the various sounds they're drawing influence from.

On a side note, I can't imagine "The Rasmus meets Tokio Hotel," but I look forward to finding out.

Kaj Roth said...

Better late than never with my reply here, eh.....well regarding The Rasmus meets Tokio Hotel. That´s just the way I feel about a few songs, not the entire album.