Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Movies With Heroes - Nothing here is perfect

Movies With Heroes - Nothing here is perfect (2007) C.I Records
Produced by Movies With Heroes
Tracks : 1.Wake up 2.Ink 3.Wildflower 4.Nothing 5.Believe 6.Warmer 7.The wave 8.Moth and rust 9.Need it now 10.Miracle drug
3,5 out of 5

It´s fun to discover new unknown bands even if their albums are a few years old like this one with Pennsylvania based Movies With Heroes. Formerly known as Mack, The Coffee Name which is a lousy name but they changed to Movies With Heroes and released their debut EP "Slate" in 2003, followed by the full length album "Nothing here is perfect" in 2007. And then silence.
Like always with these emo bands, no future at all since the trends are blowing a completely different direction soundwise. But a great album is a great album no matter what genre!
Their sound can be described as a mix between Saves The Day and The All American Rejects, not entirely 100% emo but also traces of powerpop. There are lots of memorable songs on this album such as "Wake up", "Ink", "Nothing", "Warmer" and "The wave".
Highly recommendable!

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Keith D Wilson said...

Hey thanks for digging out our album and giving it a shout out. Its funny that we were making music when "emo" was the term de jour. The truth is that none of us listened to any of that stuff and were always perplexed about how we got compared to them. Anyway, thanks. If you're interested, I am still making music at a very slow pace and the guys from the band are usually conspirators. If you look for Saint Narcissus on Reverbnation you'll find me.