Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mindrite - The meaning of the word love

Mindrite - The meaning of the word love (2007) The 660 Group
Produced by Ari
Tracks : 1.Borderline 2.More 3.Hail the queen 4.Humility 5.Driver 6.Die right now 7.God´s honest truth 8.Stranger 9.Never again 10.pulse 11.Without color 12.Diary 13.The end
3,5 out of 5

Iowa based alternative metal band Mindrite was really creative between 2006-2010 with 6 album releases from the debut "The Xenocide" to the latest album "Author of addiction". Their two best albums are considered to be the 2008 album "This moment or lack thereof" and this one, "The meaning of the word love" from 2007. It´s a top seller at CDBABY and this is actually the first time I listen to it. Well, it´s never too late to check out a great record because this is a strong rock/metal album with catchy choruses and superheavy riffs that bring thoughts to 10 Years and Deftones.
Highlights : "Driver", "God´s honest truth", "Borderline"

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