Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mighty Six Ninety - Cheers to the bitter end

Mighty Six Ninety - Cheers to the bitter end (2008) Invisible DJ Records
Produced by Tommy Henriksen
Tracks : 1.Keeping you in mind 2.Mistakes like these 3.With me 4.I´m not smiling 5.Northern border 6.Leave this world 7.Regardless 8.Unknown 9.Believable 10.I wonder if I´m even here 11.Never go to sleep 12.Break up 13.Cheers to the bitter end
3 out of 5

Los Angeles based Mighty Six Ninety only released one album, "Cheers to the bitter end" in 2008. It was followed by the "Mistakes like these" EP the same year, the track "Mistakes like these" is included on this full length album and is also one of the highlights along with "Regardless" and "Unknown". This band takes the listener back to 80´s Britpop a la The Cure, Echo and The Bunnymen and New Order. They do it well and the sound is very retro, well performed songs and there are moments when my thoughts go to another band that producer Tommy Henriksen worked with in 2006, namely Clear Static.
A solid album worth checking out if you´re into The Cure-like new wave.

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