Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Loverboy - Rock´n´roll Revival

Loverboy - Rock´n´roll Revival (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Bob Rock
Tracks : 1.Rock´n´roll revival 2.No tomorrow 3.Heartbreaker 4.Turn me loose 5.Working for the weekend 6.Lovin every minute of it 7.The kid is hot tonite 8.Lucky ones 9.Always on my mind 10.Queen of the broken heart 11.When it´s over 12.Hot girls in love
4 out of 5

Loverboy is without doubt one of the best bands from Canada, they´re giants of AOR with more than 10 million sold albums where their 1981 "Get lucky" album is the most successful one. The new album "Rock´n´roll revival" is the first release since "Just getting started" (2007) but there are only 3 new tracks on it, the other 9 tracks are re-recordings of their biggest hits. Only songs taken from their 4 first albums performed by the original line up except bassist Ken Sinnaeve who used to play with Paul Dean and Matt Frenette in Streetheart, before Loverboy.
Well, it´s a bit of a disappointment to get only 3 new tracks and I´m not too excited about these re-recordings even if they´re performed very close to the original versions, Mike Reno still sings like a hero and the production from Bob Rock is faultless. I want new music! What about the new material then? Yeah, they´re great of course, classic Loverboy so to speak. It´s impossible to give this album any less than 4 stars, by the way.....a cool bass solo from Ken Sinnaeve on "Hot girls in love". Nice.

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