Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kiss Kiss - Reality Vs. The Optimist

Kiss Kiss - Reality Vs. The Optimist (2007) Eyeball Records
Produced by Kiss Kiss
Tracks : 1.Janet 2.Iris and eye 3.Sixth sense 4.A conch to the ear 5.Machines 6.Satellite 7.Dress up 8.The friend who bends his bolts at friends 9.The cats in your house 10.The most beautiful birth everendured 11.Vagabond 12.Stay the day
4 out of 5

I´m so glad I finally listened to this album from 5 piece band Kiss Kiss that has the same hometown as the monster rockers Kiss. Namely, New York. Their debut album "Reality Vs. The Optimist" is my cup of tea with dramatic and experimental rock, imagine Fair To Midland meets Brazil with a touch of the progrock of Kansas, thanks to the electric violin performed by Rebecca Schlappich.
This is a really entertaining album even though it´s rather complex at times, I think you could call it artrock/indie/emo. They´ve got a unique sound and if you want to check out more music with this awesome band, listen to their 2nd album "The meek shall inherit what´s left" from 2009. Frontman Josh Benash has formed a new band called Vuvuzela so stay tuned.

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