Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ken Hensley - Blood on the highway

Ken Hensley - Blood on the highway (2007) Membran Music
Produced by Ken Hensley
Tracks : 1.This is just the beginning 2.We´re on our way 3.Blood on the highway 4.You´ve got it 5.It won´t last 6.Think twice 7.There comes a time 8.Okay 9.What you gonna do 10.Postscript 11.I did it all 12.The last dance
3 out of 5

You gotta admire Ken Hensley for all his classic songs in Uriah Heep, he turned 66 years old this year and is still going strong with the new album "Love and other mysteries" out now. The man has recorded over 50 albums with various bands and as a solo artist, he was in Uriah Heep between 1970-1980 and in Blackfoot between 1982-1985 and is working with former Uriah Heep singer John Lawton once in a while. Such as this album from 2007 that is also available as a concert DVD as well as a book, the Ken Hensley autobiography.
Ken has gathered 4 great singers on "Blood on the highway" like Jorn Lande on the major part of the songs, John Lawton on "It won´t last" that truly sound like a lost Uriah Heep tune, Glenn Hughes is singing on two more soft songs, "The last dance" and "What you gonna do" and Eve Gallagher takes on a more Tina Turner-like vocal performance on "Think twice". The songs by Lande has more in common with early Whitesnake than Hensley´s former band I think. Fans of Uriah Heep will enjoy this piece of work like I did but it´s not a selection of Hensley´s best songs. You will find them in Blackfoot and Uriah Heep.

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