Monday, July 9, 2012

Justin King and The Apologies - S/T

Justin King and The Apologies - S/T (2008) Independent
Produced by Rob Schnapf / Ron Aniello
Tracks : 1.Beauty bar 2.Bailing the Titanic 3.Missing something 4.Postcard 5.Hours 6.25 signs 7.Change 8.Sweetheart 9.Devil and the deep 10.Same mistake 11.Bright and dirty lights 12.Outro
3,5 out of 5

You gotta have patience with me right now since I´m going through a lot of albums that I own but never listened to until now, it was a time when I received more music than I could ever soak in. But in these times I´m taking it a lot slower with new music so I do have the time to discover all these old releases.
Justin King is a really great guitar player and you cannot blame him for making the same album twice, he has put out everything from acoustic albums to instrumental electronic oriented albums as well as guitar oriented rock like Justin King and The Apologies from 2008.
Justin King was signed to Epic records and recorded this album for a major label release but it got stuck due to staff changes at the label´s office, the band struggled hard to get the rights for their album and eventually managed to get their hands on the master tapes.
The sound lies somewhere between Pete Yorn and Eric Gales Band, I think it´s a varied album where my favorites are "Bailing the Titanic", "Postcard" and "25 signs".
Highly recommendable!

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